Holidays are just around the corner, so we've put together a collection of handy gift guides. We've included a video, as well as a full list below. Be sure to check out the other collections listed at the bottom as well!

Automatic Connected Car Dongle

There is a lot to love in the Automatic. The second generation has eco friendly benefits from the driving score that helps keep down fuel costs, to the packaging which is actually a handy to-go cup.

There are a ton of app integrations such as License+ which allows you to help coach your teen driver, or others that help business monitor their fleets, track mileage for personal vs business trips, tap into home automation, or unMooch to split the costs of trips.

Espro Travel Press for Tea & Coffee

Those always on the go are in constant need of coffee. Starbucks can get expensive which is why a great coffee mug is so important.

The Espro is a 12 oz travel mug that also integrates a coffee or tea press. You can have high quality, pressed coffee/tea any time. The patented press can stop on a dime to keep each sip as good as it can be. The optional paper filter can also filter out extra oils that the microfilter doesn't.

Belkin Bluetooth Car Audio Adapter

Bluetooth is the best way to get audio through your car. You don't have to deal with obnoxious audio cables, static-cast cassette tapes, or a pile of CDs. Unfortunately older cars have nothing more than a standard aux port, or nothing at all.

Using the Belkin bluetooth adapter, you can wirelessly play audio every time you get your car without having to do anything. And with iOS 9 on iPhones, it will automatically pick back up where you left off overtime you get in your car. Whether the Sirius app, in an audiobook, or playing music.

Bluesmart Smart Travel Luggage

This is more of a traveler accessory than an auto lover, but they are close together. This seriously neat piece of luggage will sway anyone.

It features a rechargeable backup battery for any gadgets you may have with you while traveling. Those gadgets can also be stored in a special gadget compartment for easy access.

With built in BLE, it has location awareness, and proximity alerts should someone ever try to steal your bag. And say goodbye to surprise baggage fees because the integrated scale makes sure you are always within the weight limit.

Sidekick Rear Pet Seat Cover

If you beloved canine's favorite pastime is shedding, you know how unfortunate it is to take them in the car. Soon the entire backseat will be lined with a thick layer of hair. Luckily, the Sidekick makes it easy to take care of.

It hides out of sight over the back of the rear seats, and easily rolls out to cover the entire rear seat and easily attaching to the front for full coverage. When it is too dirty, you can simply throw it in the wash keeping your pups fur away from your seats.

Fobo Bluetooth Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Checking tire pressures is a pain, especially going into the winter. You need to make sure they are at the right levels, depending on season, and if it is snowing everywhere the last thing you want is toying with a tiny cap over the pressure sensor to get a reading. On ALL the tires.

Fobo has a bluetooth tire system that allows you to easily see the tire pressure on all your tires. It shows up on your phone, allows you to monitor up to 19 cars, and is linked to your account to prevent theft.

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