Holidays are just around the corner, so we've put together a collection of handy gift guides. We've included a video, as well as a full list below. Be sure to check out the other collections listed at the bottom as well!

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Every chef needs a good mixer. KtichenAid is the go to name for home mixers, and especially around the holidays, you can find some good deals.

Anova Sous Vide Cooker

Sous vide is french way of cooking that helps cook meat (or anything else really) to a universal temperature. It is particularly great when it comes to anything delicate, like fish.

As far as steaks go, without the excess heat on a grill, all the juices stay inside, yielding a much larger, fuller steak cooked to the exact temperature you want. Never too rare, never too well.

Searzall Sous Vide Torch

Sous vide is great! Except for when the meat comes out and looks a bit.. grey. Normally, it is best practice to take a screaming hot skillet and sear the outside to give it a quick caramelization and appearing look.

A better option however, is the Searzall sous vide torch. Simply attach to a kitchen propane tank and you can easily sear not only your fillets, but other dishes (such as creme brûlée).

MakersKit Mason Herb Garden

Most chefs prefer to use fresh herbs, which can be hard year round. Also can be quite pricey. This is a cheap and cute option to grow popular herbs right on your countertop, while still being a nice art piece.

Made Dry Good Storage

These canisters for storing dry goods are as fancy as it gets. Well.. as fancy as a canister can be. They are air tight, and feature built in measuring tools right in the top.

Not to mention, they are the coolest looking storage containers Ive seen.

Drop Kitchen Scale

To be exact while baking, you need a kitchen scale. There are many "dumb" scales out there, but Drop Scale will connect to your iPad and give measurements, as well as walk you through recipes.

The list of features make it great for an experienced chefs as well as beginners and kids.

iGrill 2 & iGrill Mini Bluetooth Cooking Thermometers

This is one of the first bluetooth connected kitchen gadgets, and the latest version builds on an otherwise solid experience. The iGrill comes in two versions, the full sized pro version which includes a screen and ability to connect 4 probes. Then there is the mini which is magnetic, and can uses 1 probe at a time.

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