Holidays are just around the corner, so we've put together a collection of handy gift guides. We've included a video, as well as a full list below. Be sure to check out the other collections listed at the bottom as well!

Zolt Universal Laptop Charger Plus

Have you seen those power bricks on laptops? Not just the army of PCs out there, but even on MacBooks they aren't tiny! And they just charge your laptop!

The Zolt aims to fix that problem. It is a fully capable laptop charger, in a tiny size, and 2 additional USB ports for charging gadgets. The plugs fold flat and it even comes in several different colors!

This simple gadget will charge most any laptop, including Macs. Then you can use the USB ports for charging a tablet, and a phone, with almost no decrease in speed.

Nomad Carabiner Lightning Cable

How many times have you found yourself without a charger? You can stop counting, we don't have time to wait for you to tally them all up, it is a lot of times. There have been many keyring accessories for throwing one on there, but I find the best solution is this clip from Nomad.

Nomad has a small key size version, but nothing beats the utility of a carabiner, with the added functionality of an Apple lightning cable built right in. It also doesn't look too different than a standard carabiner.

Hue Starter Set w/HomeKit Compatability

If you have paid attention to our past news or videos, you know we are huge fans here of the Philips Hue lighting solutions. The energy efficient color changing LED bulbs that can tie into almost any smart home gadget got a big upgrade at the end of 2015. With faster, lighter, brighter bulbs, the big addition was the ability to use HomeKit.

That means you can now use Siri to just control your lights, as well as the previous ability to schedule and automate them. My favorite command is "Goodnight!" Which I have configured to turn everything off, and dim the hallway.

Neeo Universal Remote Control

Harmony has an impressive lineup of universal remotes, but Neeo is new to the market and has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Aside from looking a lot sleeker, it has hand recognition for different profiles and parental controls, and even learns over time. It can control almost all smart home electronics without the need for extra apps.

And if you ever misplace it, simply hitting the button on the dock allows you to find it instantly!

eTape Digital Tape Measure

What tool bag is without a few gadgets, right? The eTape is a handy measuring tape that has an e-ink display to allow you to more easily see what you're measuring.

August with HomeKit Compatability

HomeKit support is becoming a common thread amongst home automation gadgets as of late, and August is just another one gadget updated to add support.

The new version added a few optimizations, but primarily added the Siri support. Now you can simply say "Lock the door" and Siri will gladly oblige. Tie this in with your Philips Hue or other HomeKit accessories, commands like "Goodnight, Siri!" will close your garage, lock the door, adjust the thermostat, and turn off the lights!

Jawbone UP2 Fitness Tracker

Even though there are countless fitness trackers on the market, the updated design of the UP2/UP3 alongside the top rated UP app make the new UP2/3 the fitness tracker to beat.

More integrations and features than the Fitbit make this the must have tracker going into the holidays. If you are looking for a bit more added features, check out the UP3 instead!

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