Holidays are just around the corner, so we've put together a collection of handy gift guides. We've included a video, as well as a full list below. Be sure to check out the other collections listed at the bottom as well!

MaxStone Bluetooth Camera Remote

Shooting fireworks, time-lapse, and other photos can be tough to do without a remote. Most options cost 20-30 dollars and allow you to simply take photos. With the MaxStone, it works with almost any camera, allows you to change modes from your phone, and get alerts if your camera is left behind or stolen.

Booq Python Slimpack Camera Bag

While there metric oodles of camera bags out there, Booq makes some of the best. All their bags are top of the line, but the camera bags really shine.

The Python Slimpack includes every feature you would need. Including, changeable grid for cameras/lenses, reflective cover for rain, iPad pocket, SD card slots, tablet slot, many pockets, and quick access for your DSLR.

SpiderHolster Black Widow Camera Holder

Some people hate straps for cameras (raises hand). That is when something like the Black Widow holster can help. It simply attaches to any belt, and allows you to quickly and easily remove or holster your camera securely.

Peak Design Leash Quick Release Strap

If you do need a strap, the Peak Design Leash is a good option. It includes several clips that can be put on all different parts of the camera. This allows you to customize the way you hold your camera, or use it as a leash or mono pod in certain situations

Olloclip Lens for iPhone

If your photography lover doesn't shoot with DSLR's or still uses their phone day to day, what better option than some lenses for their phone.

Olloclip is the biggest name in the market and their newest offering has several lenses in one. The lenses may not be as high quality as the Moment lenses (below), you get a great bang for your buck with both wide and zoom options.

BlackRapid Camera Sling

If I have to use a strap for my camera, I use the BlackRapid sling. It allows you to easily and comfortably hold your camera by your side while letting you quickly pull it up without moving your strap around.

Securely mounted via the tripod screw hole on the underside of the camera, you can rest assured your camera will go nowhere.

Moment Lens

The Moment Lenses are the nicest on the market. They attach magnetically to the back of your iPhone, and even work with most cases. They are the clearest, hands down, and can take stunning photography.

They come in two models, the landscape (wide angle) lens, or the 2x zoom lens. Unfortunately they are a little pricier than the Olloclip, but if you want the best image quality, they can not be beat.

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