Coin has launched the 2nd generation of their smart credit card. The tumultuous company has not finished shipping their initial orders, yet 2.0 is here. Luckily, all currently shipping Coins will be the new version. Not only that, but all original owners will get a free upgrade to the second generation, simply by requesting in the Coin app.

Coin 2.0 brings a number of enhancements such as bette swipe rate, 8% thinner, twice as fast e ink display, and most importantly, EMV contactless payments.

Unfortunately 2.0 doesn't fix the glaring issue plaguing coin which is lack of tract 1 data. Track 1 data (such as in use on the Stratos and Plastc cards) enables almost ubiquitous acceptance amongst retailers. Without track 1 data you still almost definitely will need a backup card. That and the looming threat of Apple/Android pay, is Coin still worth it?


  • Better swipe rate
  • Slightly thinner
  • Faster
  • EMV contactless payments


  • Still no track 1 data
  • Not all cards support EMV
  • No chip and pin/signature