Every January thousand of people all huddle together in the desert for the worlds largest tech showcase: CES. This year we will undoubtedly be seeing lots of home automation, drones, 4K, and super weird gadgets. This is a look at 8 items from day 1 of CES 2016.

Altec Lansing Freedom Earbuds

These large gaudy earbuds are packed pull of features. They are water resistant, have a 100ft bluetooth range, a wind cancelling microphone, and a 6 hour battery life. A carrying case will give it a secondary 3 hour charge as well.

Its biggest feature is the "Bluetooth-based GPS" that will help you find them if you ever misplace them. They come in 9 colors if you can get past how they look.

  • Release date: Q2 2016
  • Cost: $149.00

Griffin BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Cable

USB Type-C has come out in force at CES this year. One of the most intriguing announcements was the BreakSafe cable from Griffin. This is ostensibly a MagSafe clone for the new MacBook and ChromeBook.

It protrudes 12.8mm from your laptop and the cord itself is 6ft in length.

  • Release date: April
  • Cost: $39.99

DJI Phantom Drone 3 4K

4K was reserved for the Phantom Drone 3 Professional. Until now. The $999 drone now packs a tiny 4K camera though not without some tradeoffs.

Instead of DJI Lightbridge to transfer data it relies on wifi instead which will give you a range of three quarters of a mile. Considering that the FCC requires the drone to stay within site of the operator, that should do for most enthusiasts.

  • Cost: $999

Sphero Force Band

The BB8 from Sphero was the hit of the Christmas season, selling out almost everywhere. It was easily controlled from your smartphone with a skinned application that matched the Star Wars theme.

This fall however, you will be able to use the Force Band to control Sphero BB8 with nothing more than a hand gesture.

  • Release date: Fall 2016

Samsung T3 SSD

Improving upon the release from last, this tiny SSD now works with USB Type-C. It has storage capacities from 250gb to 2tb. Since it now has USB 3.1 support, it has read/write speeds up to 450Mbps.

It is also light and thin too. It is 2.9 inches long and weighs under 2 ounces. We don't have a price yet, but last year's model launched at around $600 before dropping to around $300.

  • Release date: February 2016

Samsung Smart Fridge

Appliances are the new territory for home automation. The new smart fridge from Samsung sports a large 1080p touchscreen tablet right on the door. Inside is an embedded camera to keep an eye on what's inside. It can even alert you when things are going bad.

To top it off it comes with built in stereo speakers, a news and weather system, and seasonal recipes shown on screen.

  • Release date: Fall 2016

Whirlpool Appliances

With built in Amazon Dash capabilities, the washer and dryer can make it super easy to automatically reorder supplies when you are running low.

  • Release date: 2016
  • Cost: $1,399

Withings Thermo

There have been a few smart thermometers hitting the market, but Withings is here with its latest entry to the health world. The Thermo is a temporal thermometer that you use by placing it directly on the forehead.

It has 16 independent sensors that make it incredibly fast. Taking 4,000 measurements in just 2 seconds. It is color coded to let you know if the temperature is high (red), a little warm (orange), or ok (green).

  • Release date: Q1 2016
  • Cost: $99.95

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