The app store on the Apple TV went live as the units first went on sale. Originally it lacked both top charts and categories, though those have recently been added as well as a constant stream of new apps.

App can be downloaded from the app store and rearranged on the home screen. No longer is there a set of default applications that you have the ability to show or hide. Instead you can choose to download only the apps you'd like.

This also doesn't just include media apps such as Hulu, Netflix, or Showtime. This time around we also have utility apps and games. Games in particular seem increasingly popular. Ruling the top spots on the app store since launch, which include a higher price tag. than their iPhone counterparts.

Unfortunately, there are still many apps that haven't showed up yet. The biggest holdout, is Amazon Prime Video. Amazon made headlines when they announced they would no sell the new Apple TV because it does not support Prime video which would "confuse" their customers. Unfortunately, the decision to not include Prime Video on Apple TV seems to be Amazon's decision and not Apple. Assumingly because they are looking to bolster sales of their setup box, the Fire TV