Adding to our CES 2016 coverage we have a roundup of all the new HomeKit enabled devices to debut at the global conference in Las Vegas.

Hunter Ceiling Fans

Hunter debuted the first ceiling fans equipped with HomeKit, the Symphony and the Signal. Both are WiFi connected with dimmable lights in the center. They have a 54 inch wingspan and will be available at Lowe's, Home Depot, Amazon, and their company website.

  • Cost: $379 (Signal)
  • Cost: $329 (Symphony)

Honeywell Lyric

Honeywell as introduced an updated version of their Lyric smart thermostat, making one large change. The addition of HomeKit. Nothing else has changed from the last generation, including its compatibility with Samsung's SmartThings.

  • Cost: $249


iDevices released several pieces of HomeKit comparable products this week. They released an in-wall outlet, switch, dimmer, and a bulb socket. All come with a configurable nightlight to help you find them at night.

This makes using HomeKit a lot nicer because it fixes a core problem. If I have my lights on switches, and I use HomeKit bulbs, as soon as someone unknowingly flips one, Siri is useless. You can tape them up, or replace them with these HomeKit switches which means they operate as normal, as well as with your voice.

  • Release date: Q1-Q2 2016

Kwikset Premis

We have another smart lock coming out, this time from Kwikset. The Premis includes HomeKit support, up to 30 unique codes for guests, and an app to schedule them for specific times.

It has an LED display with a capacitive touch screen to enter the codes if your phone isn't available.

  • Release date: Later in 2016

iHome iSP5 SmartPlug

iHome introduced a new version of their smart plug, this time with HomeKit, but it also includes a backup remote. This is very useful if you don't have a phone around, guests, or a family member who can't use HomeKit.

  • Release date: Later in 2016
  • Cost: $49.99

Grid ConnectSense

Grid has given us two passive HomeKit accessories. The Smart Water Sensor which will alert you at the first signs of moisture. This is very useful for rooms like basements or laundry rooms that can be prone to leaks.

The second is a temperature and humidity sensor. This is great for any sensitive rooms like a humidor, garage, wine cellars, green houses, cold storage, collection rooms, and more.

Both of these passive sensors can be tied to triggers so if the temperature in the greenhouse turns below 60º, turn the heat on.

Lutron Serena & Sivoia Smart Shades

Lutron has 2 new versions of HomeKit compatible shades. The Serena which is a DIY solution that will work with their Caseta Smart Bridge, then there is the Sivoia which requires professional installation and their Smart Bridge Pro.

Elgato eve

Elgato released several new sensors for their eve lineup. All HomeKit compatible. Some of them are passive sensors like temperature/humidity sensors, door sensors, or water sensors. Others are active that you can control like a switch and an outlet that measures usage.

Passive triggers are still very useful, and will work with any HomeKit accessory. So I can have Hue bulbs, then a trigger for if the Elgato eve window sensor goes off, turn all of my lights on in that room to scare away the person coming in.

  • Release date: Later in 2016

First Alert

First Alert brought their first HomeKit products to market at CES as well. Two of them are mildly interesting which is another smart thermostat and an environment monitor. The other product is a bit more unique.

That would be the worlds first HomeKit enabled safe. It has a built in accelerometer which will communicate to you if someone tries to move it, as well as the ability to tell Siri to lock or unlock.

  • Release date: 2016

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