Apple Watch docks, stands, and chargers have been hitting the market at breakneck speed. There have been some great models available from Twelve South, Mophie, Nomad, and too many others.

In traditional Apple design, the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock is as minimalistic as can be. A simple round soft touch base, with microfiber on the under side, and a movable magnetic puck square in the center.

This is also the first dock/stand/charger that supports both laying down the watch, and nightstand mode via the tiltable magnetic charger. Unfortunately, my biggest problem isn't with the charger, but with nightstand mode. I love the idea, but since the watch turns off after a minute or so, you can't just roll over and see the time.


  • Integrated charger
  • Heavy
  • Nightstand mode
  • 2 charging positions
  • Lightning cable


  • Hefty price tag
  • No power adapter
  • Non rigid bands