August was one of the first smart locks to come to the market with a stunning design and ease of use. The second generation is even better bringing new features like HomeKit integration.

This is an independent review. NOT a paid endorsement

One of the best parts about the August smart lock, is that you don't have to replace your whole lock to make it work. That makes it ideal for situations like apartments, where you can't change the exterior part of your lock.

To install, you essentially remove the indoor part of your lock, and replace it with the August. That means all your existing keys will still continue to work.

Just like the last generation, you can control the lock easily from the August app. You can lock/unlock, invite guests to have temporary (or permanent) access, and view your access logs.

The second generation brings HomeKit support which allows you to use it with any of your other HomeKit accessories. For instance, when I get home, the door unlocks, my temperature is adjusted, and my lights are turned on. All based on my location.

You can also use Siri to query you lock, and control it. If you are upstairs, and you aren't sure if you locked the door for the night, you can simply ask "Hey, Siri. Is the front door locked?" or you can set up a HomeKit scene that will automatically close your blinds, lower the garage door, lock the door, adjust the thermostat, and turn off the lights. This kind of automation is very powerful.

August comes in several colors, with the red being my personal favorite. It is a nice dark red, though the black or silver are more neutral.

Recently, August has also intruded a whole lineup of other smart home devices. That includes the August Doorbell Cam and the August Keypad.

The keypad is extremely handy for when you want to go out for a run and don't take your phone with you, or want to give a guest access who doesn't have a phone, or would prefer a code.

The Doorbell cam is an easy way to see who is at your door, and add a doorbell if you didn't previously have one. The Doorbell cam is also HomeKit equipped and will show in the Home app as well.


  • Siri and HomeKit support
  • Create whole home automation scenes
  • Easy to install
  • No need to replace existing lock


  • Difficult to discern lock status at a glance
  • Protrudes quite a bit from the door
  • Price is on the higher end