We were fans of the original Automatic car dongle when it was launched a couple years ago. Much time has passed and it seems the inevitable second generation has come to market.

The new second generation Automatic is, on the outside, identical to the last. However, it is the inside that has changed. Adding a new GPS chip fixes the main issue people would have - it didn't always connect to your phone. While it still doesn't connect every time for me, the added GPS unit still tracks every drive you take and then syncs them all when it does.

GPS chip and new "Works with Automatic" app store makes this a very interesting gadget, and with new License+ for teen drivers, this is something parents especially should check out.


  • Small & Discreet
  • Helps teen drivers
  • Smart packaging
  • Useful insights
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Apple Watch app


  • Uses OBD II port
  • Expensive
  • Not accurate to find car
  • Beeps can be annoying