I'm not afraid to admit that this is something I have been looking forward to for some time. With many cards not working with Apple Pay quite yet, particularly store cards, it is hard to find a way not to have a handful of cards on you.

I have personal cards, store cards, and work cards. Coin is one of the first ways I can combine all these together into one smart card. This allows me to have a minimal wallet with my ID, a backup card, and my coin.

While it doesn't work everywhere, this is a good first go.


  • Slim as actual credit card.
  • E-ink display shows relevant card details.
  • No need to charge.
  • Security including on device pin code, and user validation.
  • Backwards compatibility with existing merchant hardware. No NFC required.


  • Must purchase new card when battery dies.
  • Still some merchants not compatible.
  • Possibility to get damaged in wallet