Nest has had an increase in competitors since they first launched all those years ago. All the incumbent thermostat makers have come out with consumer friendly options that look pretty, connected apps, and energy saving.

This is an independent review. NOT a paid endorsement

The Ecobee3 smart thermostat not only adds HomeKit, but also has another unique features over Nest. When you think about where your thermostat's are placed, they generally are meant to be out of the way. Somewhere like a hallway. That isn't very useful for smart thermostats that need to know if you are home with a motion sensor, as well as the temperature of the room you are in. Ecobee uses a system of remote sensors to place in each room to report back those temperatures so you can see what each room is, as well as more accurately know if you are in those rooms.

Nest of course doesn't ignore this. They utilize their Nest Protect smoke alarm to check for occupants in the remote rooms of your home. They do ignore HomeKit though, in favor of the Nest Weave protocol to connect all your smart home products.

Ecobee isn't the first HomeKit thermostat out there. iDevices launched a cheaper option a bit back for $150, while the Ecobee3 is priced near Nest at $249. You do get a more premium product however at that price point.

Ecobee3 can do all the normal features like scheduling and energy saving and is still easy to install. It has the remote sensors for additional functionality and HomeKit gives you many more options like tying it in to your existing HomeKit scenes. So you can say "Goodnight Siri" and your August will lock the front door, your Hue bulbs will turn off, or dim, and the Ecobee3 thermostat will drop your temperature to a cool 69º. You can also ask what the temperature is internally and tell Siri to make it cooler or warmer.


  • HomeKit
  • Touchscreen
  • Local weather
  • Remote sensors
  • Geofencing
  • Apple Watch app


  • Plastic
  • Not as simple installation
  • Screen resolution
  • Many sensors could be pricey