Elfy is an adorable light smart light for children that changes color with you hit it.

This is an independent review. NOT a paid endorsement

Many smart lights that we have seen are clearly aimed at adults. Elfy breaks the mold, going after the kids market, with great results. The exterior is a soft, pliable rubbery material that is fun to hold (and hit!).

You can turn it on by hitting/tapping the lamp itself. You can choose several different favorite colors inside the accompanying app and each time you tap, it alternates colors, before cycling through again.

The app is a little confusing, so probably best for a parent to help set it up, but then you are good to go. Kids can completely control it by tapping the light itself.


  • Subtle light is great for nightlight
  • Squishy exterior is fun and great for kids
  • Cute
  • Bluetooth connects to your phone


  • Color isn't bright enough to light a room
  • Short cord
  • Forced to use manufactures app