TwelveSouth is known for their more high end accessories. This is another entry to that lineup. Usurping as HiRise as the lone Apple Watch charging stand they produce, this is meant to more mirror the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition, instead of the sport model.

It has a heavy, premium feel as well as a glossy exterior to match. The leather on the bottom helps protect the clasps on bands, as well as being a little shelf for your iPhone.

The biggest problem is how the cord is handled. It isn't bad, per se, just seems like an actual integrated charger would be better served. Maybe that is coming in the future? Similar to how the HiRise for iPhone was updated with a built in charging cable.


  • Heavy
  • Chrome
  • Full grained leather
  • Nightstand mode


  • Price
  • Plastic ring
  • No integrated charger
  • Cord management