Hyper, best known for their large battery packs for MacBooks, went to Kickstarter earlier this year to bring their HyperLink band to market. They have finally been fulfilling orders to backers and we can get a real impression on how the quality holds up.

Each of the bands is individually hand assembled, and while this sounds impressive at first pass, something like this almost has to be, and many others are as well. It doesn't necessarily separate the band from herd.

Now we have reviewed several Apple Watch bands from third parties, as well as from Apple itself. One thing that always set the first party options aside was that the lug that connected directly to the watch was always spot on. They were very smooth and secure. More so than the other bands we've seen. The HyperLink is no different as there was a bit of tension when inserting the bottom side of the band. Hyper says this was a production issue and if you notice this to reach out to them for a replacement.

Once I got my hands on the HyperLink band, I was pleasantly surprised. It felt very solid and premium, if not while looking fairly generic. Since wearing it I have gotten many compliments as the best looking Apple Watch band I've sported which includes mesh bands, as well as Apple's leather loop.

Overall this is not a bad option by any means. The links themselves have to be removed using a standard link removal tool, something most people don't have, but otherwise is a much cheaper option than Apple's while still keeping up the quality.


  • Hand assembled
  • 316L Stainless steel
  • Easy open clasp
  • Cheaper than first party


  • Links are hard to remove
  • Clasp is a little thick
  • Finish