A market that Mophie once ruled has gotten a little more crowded today. Apple has entered the once dominated battery case market with its first product designed for the iPhone 6s.

Lets start with the iPhone 4 shaped elephant in the room - the bump. At first glance it uh.. isn't the prettiest of designs. There has been much, much plight against this case since revealed leading to many stories such as "What has happened to Apple's design". Im not here to say whether or not the look is good or bad. I will leave that up to you. Personally, it isn't horrible to me and actually has some benefits.

When testing this case I really enjoyed how it felt in my hand. It wasn't the super soft leather featured in other Apple products, instead opting for the still comfortable silicone instead. But it was sufficiently grippy against the naked iPhone 6s+ which is notoriously slippery. It provided a nice grip behind the phone where the bump is, leading to a better feeling of security.

Apple baked in some nice iOS integrations as well such as the ability to show both battery statuses on the home screen when plugged in. As well as the ability to see the case and phone's charge inside of notification center. No other battery packs have the options to do this and are nice touches that show how closely designed Apple's products are.

Unfortunately while the price tag is as high as some of the Mophie cases, the capacity isn't. It is a bit small though it will easily get you through a weekend. In my opinion, I believe Apple expects you keep this case on your phone and charge it normally at night, letting your phone easily get about double the battery life without adding exceptional bulk.

There are a lot of theories on why Apple designed the phone this way. Part could be for sake of the antenna. Since the top and bottom of the phone is where the radios pass through, a bulky battery pack could inhibit that performance.

Another, more debated option, is the large knapsack of patents that Mophie has on the product line. A rounded case that contains a battery? Patented. A two part case that contains a battery? Patented. Designing around all these may have led Apple to the design that it eventually released, though for me it isn't bad by any means.

Once using the case, many reporters, myself included, have slowly started to come around this oddly designed product.


  • Comfortable
  • Silicone is very smooth
  • One piece design
  • Fits most docks
  • iOS integration
  • Uses lightning cable
  • Antenna


  • Bump
  • Capacity
  • Silicone instead of leather
  • Small headphone hole
  • iPhone 6/6s only, no 6s Plus version