While Jawbone CEO Hosain Rahman said they mostly look at themselves as a software company, they clearly aren't forgetting about the hardware.

Jawbone updated their successful UP2 fitness tracker with a new design, new band, and new clasp. Feature wise, it is the same, however it now comes in several new colors like the stunning blue seen in the video. There is also a new, lightweight band that is very flexible and even more comfortable.

The clasp was quite a point of contention with the original UP2 and UP3 which had a tendency to slip off or be difficult to put on. The new clasp is a little more standard and seems to function much better, though I never had a problem with the original.

Unfortunately, while the UP2 has been given a minor refresh, the under-utilized UP3 still hasn't gotten the love, though we should see some new versions in the near future.


  • New colors
  • Lightweight strap
  • Added comfort
  • Better clasp design


  • Only UP2
  • Far from all designs originally promised