The Logitech keyboard utilizes the Smart Connector to connect to your iPad, which means you never have to charge the keyboard, or worry about a Bluetooth connection.

This is an independent review. NOT a paid endorsement

Apple introduced the Smart Connector as a quick and easy way to attach accessories to your iPad. You didn't need to rely on Bluetooth, or WiFi to have something connect. They can also use the internal iPad power. So charging your accessories was also unnecessary. Unfortunately, accessory makers haven't jumped on board so quickly.

Logitech is one of the first companies to embrace the Smart Connector, with a new keyboard/case combo device. It easily snaps on your iPad, to offer protection around the sides and rear.

The Smart Connector is only connected when you prop up the iPad, ,and put it into the groove just above the keyboard. That means the keyboard is completely off when not set up, so you don't have to worry about inadvertently hitting keys when you don't mean to.

They keys are also backlit, which makes them ideal for being used at night, or low lighting.

I've always believed that the iPad Pro is a fantastic device for meetings or students, with its light weight and powerful developer support. This case makes that more true as you can take it about, with full protection, and a keyboard you never have to worry about connecting or charging.


  • No battery to charge
  • Protects iPad
  • Utilizes Smart Connector
  • Backlit keys
  • Row of useful iPad specific function keys


  • Only black color
  • No Apple Pencil holder
  • Price is on the higher end
  • Hard to quickly remove