The Magic Trackpad was one of my favorite Apple Accessories. It hasn't really needed an update since it was released a number of years ago. However, with the introduction of Force Touch, everyone has been yearning for a refresh.

That time has come, and Apple has made some significant changes! Now in a new, slimmer designer, with a larger and more accurate touchpad, the Magic Trackpad is the first Mac product aside from the 12" Macbook to include Force Touch.

The other big change is the fact that the trackpad, like all their other new devices, is rechargeable. No longer requiring those AA batteries, it is able to be juiced up using a standard lightning cable.

See the other changes in the full video review.


  • Rechargeable
  • Slim
  • Very solid
  • Uses lightning cable
  • Matches Magic Keyboard
  • Press anywhere
  • Force Touch
  • Larger surface


  • Price
  • Battery life

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