USB C hubs are hitting the market faster than we can review them. This is a new entry from Marsboy that works fine, but doesn't have any outstanding features.

This is an independent review. NOT a paid endorsement

There is nothing wrong with the Marsboy hub. It is perfectly useable featuring twin USB 3.0 ports. It also has passthrough charging which means you can easily use the USB ports while charging your MacBook. The bottom has a silicone pad that makes slipping on a desktop hard to come by.

A common problem with USB C hubs, like the one from Satechi is that they sit flush to your computer. For those who have their MacBook in a case, this makes it slightly harder to find an acceptable hub that will expand their port options, and still fit. The Marsboy hub fixes this issue by using a small cable instead of lying flush.

As far as problems with the Marsboy, there aren't too many. My biggest is probably the lack of an SD or Micro SD card slot. But as a photographer/videographer, that is something that could be more specific to me than the normal Mac owner. I also wasn't particularly thrilled with the color. It was almost a pinkish gold that wasn't the same hue as the anodization on their accompanying USB C cable that came with it.

The Marsboy hub is a perfectly acceptable solution that gets the job done at a decent price point, but it lacks any distinguishing features, and extra ports, from other options on the market.


  • USB 3.0
  • Passthrough charging
  • Reinforced cable
  • Works with cases
  • Silicone bottom


  • Gold color
  • No SD card slots
  • A little large