Marshall's top of the line headphones have gained wireless capabilities. Not only do they have powerful sound, but a bevy of unique features that elevates them from others.

This is an independent review. NOT a paid endorsement

Marshall has been known to produce some exception audio equipment. From its vintage amps, to its more recent Bluetooth speakers. Their headphone line is no different, and Monitor sits at the top.

The feature soft-touch vinyl cups, with leather cups and headrest, molded metal frames, and brass accents.

It has always been about the little things with Marshall. The Monitors are no different. Under the ear cups "Long Live Rock n Roll". Something you'd almost never see, but they still include it.

They also don't skimp on the included cables. There is a custom micro USB and aux cable. Both are springy, sturdy rubber that feels nicer than other cords. The micro USB has long collars to help prevent wear and tear, grippy pattern on the top/bottom of the ends, and script Marshall imprinted on the sides.

The aux cable is even nicer with brass ends covered in diamond knurling for added grip. The half of the cord is coiled to help keep it organized, and the necks of the ends are covered in brass springs that help decrease pressure and extend the life of the cord.

As far as audio quality, these were clearly crafted for rock music. I tested several genres, including rap, R&B, classical, jazz, country, rock, metal, and instrumental. Other than party music and rap, everything sounded pristine. The highs were clear and crisp, the mids were precise and standout, and the lows managed to not be muddled.

I can see where bass heavy listeners could be a bit dissatisfied, but these weren't made for that type of music. If they had the bass higher, it would be too heavy on rock and other genres.

The Monitor headphones also support aptX. Which is a Bluetooth codec from Qualcomm that essentially is lossless audio. You get full CD quality audio, over Bluetooth. The downside is that Apple doesn't support it, as they prefer AirPlay or their proprietary W1 chipped headphones like the Beats Studio.


  • Support for aptX
  • Superior build quality
  • Brass accents
  • Plush leather
  • Fantastic sound
  • Included audio cables
  • Passthrough audio for sharing your tunes


  • Not ideal for rap/hip hop genres
  • Can be tight on larger heads
  • Some may look for stronger bass