This niche speaker doesn't do many things very well. The mic is ok. The speaker is about what you would expect. So why does this exist? For a very small market. There are a few things that the Monocle can do that are very different that what is on the market.

This would be a very handy speaker to carry around for playing music, but has a headphone/set option if you would like to listen to something on the fly and don't have actual headphones. Another option, is playing games. Quite often I will play games online, and will want to talk to my friends online, but those on the couch with me won't be able to hear. this is a headset that can plug into the PS4 controller, but will also play in speaker mode for those around me.


  • For the niche market, very useful
  • Nice quality cables
  • Extra hanging cable


  • Not highest quality
  • Have to hold while using headphone
  • Very niche