Photography with smartphones has gotten significantly better the last few years. Video too. While many more are shooting extraordinary photos with their iPhones or Android phones, not many have found a great way to stabilize or hold the phone.

As a photographer/videographer, Ive tried several different options. I loved the lightweight minimalistic take of the original Glif for the iPhone 4/4s. However the new design didn't appeal to me. I tried the Joby Gorillapod for smartphones but had a little left to be desired.

Enter the MOS Kick, which is a small, metal plate that holds your smartphone, with or without a tripod.


  • Portable
  • Extra tools
  • Standard tripod screw size
  • Universal
  • No tripod necessary
  • Metal construction


  • Cheap carabiner
  • Squeaky screw
  • Can't tighten while attached
  • Screwdriver isn't all that useful
  • Padding