If you've ever tried to embark on a weekend away from your abode with your Apple Watch, you know the annoyance of having to dredge along a charger. That is where the Nomad Pod comes in. It is a small metal disc that allows you to keep your device charged over the weekend, without having to worry about cables or outlets. That is the goal at least.

In practice, I couldn't quite get a full weekend. That isn't to say the pod isn't useful, I just wished it could get me a little farther. I also wished it had smart charging and could intelligently stop charging when done, but keep charging when it died down. What you end up with, is a watch that fills up by midnight, then drains to 80% by daybreak.


  • Aluminum shell
  • Cable management
  • Portability


  • No integrated charger
  • Small battery
  • No "smart" charging