Apple's HomeKit framework got off to a rocky start. It was announced in mid 2014 with iOS 8, yet most products didn't get announced until mid 2015. Now some of those products are starting to hit the market.

iDevices has a smart thermostat. iHome has a wall outlet. There are smart locks and other products, but the one many people have been anxiously waiting for is the Hue lineup. Hue was finally updated with some fancy new software, as well as the new Bridge that enables the functionality.

Now with HomeKit support, you can turn individual lights on an off, as well as whole scenes, all using Siri. Simple say "Hey Siri, turn on my kitchen lights" Or "Can you set Movie Time?" and it will communicate with the lights to make it happen.

Hue also has a nice transfer feature that allows you to easily transfer all your settings and lights from the original Hue Bridge to the new Hue Bridge 2.

The second generation Hue Bridge is available by itself for 59.99 or as part of the starter set with white/color bulbs for 199.99


  • HomeKit Support
  • Control Remotely using Siri w/Apple TV
  • Starter kit saves money


  • Must buy a new bridge
  • Not cheap
  • Not 100% accurate in my testing

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