Philips has a whole range of Hue products (many that we have reviewed, see links below) and this is the latest entry into the family. What is nice, is this time instead of a 600 dollar lamp, it is something for the average user to be able to afford.

The Hue Dimmer Switch is the second physical control Philips has released to control it's smart LED bulbs. Last year we had the unique Hue Tap (Review here) that was pricey but could control multiple scenes. Now we have the much more affordable dimmer which lets you control a set of lights. Allowing you the ability to turn them on, off, as well as dim and brighten them. This is very useful for guests, or maybe some not-so-tech-savvy users around the home.


  • Works with Hue Bridge
  • No bridge necessary for up to 10 bulbs
  • Brighter than the Hue lux
  • "Traditional bulb design
  • Bulb included
  • Cheaper than Hue tap


  • May not need extra bulb
  • "Traditional" bulb design
  • Only controls one scene
  • Requires battery

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