This is an independent review. NOT a paid endorsement

Beaver made headlines when they published their preorder campaign for the Quarter power bank. They are the first (and only) company to incorporate a MagSafe 2 charger into their backup battery.

Using MagSafe, you can charge the Quarter enough to fill an iPhone 5s in only 15 minutes. Only 30 minutes more will top off the whole thing. Compared to using a micro USB (5v at 1 amp) it would take 7 hours to fully charge. Obviously most batteries can charge a little faster than 7 hours, but the feat is impressive none the less.

Unfortunately, it only has one USB output on the device. Especially considering that this has MagSafe input, it would be great to charge a MacBook off of it, or at least a tablet and a phone simultaneously. Anymore, I have several USB charging devices on me at any one time. Between my Jawbone, Apple Watch, glucose meter, iPad, iPhone, and cameras I could really use a second port.


  • Charges with MagSafe
  • Button free
  • Fully charge in 45 minutes
  • QuickCharge in 15 minutes


  • Only 1 USB output
  • Not endorsed by Apple