File this one under huh.. that exists?

Quirky, the currently ill-fated invention factory launched the Egg Minder some time ago but we never got around to reviewing it. With the latest new that Quirky has filed for bankruptcy we decided help, by showing off one of their weirdest, most random items.

The Egg Minder is a smart home accessory that lets you know, from anywhere, how many eggs you have left. As well as which ones are the oldest. It has a few other neat features like the ability to send you an alert when you are low on eggs ("Dammit Steve! Why did you tell me you took the last egg!"), or when your eggs are about to go bad ("Looks like breakfast for dinner tonight, guys!").

I did notice a few times that it wasn't always accurate, however. A few times I didn't get my notifications and once or twice it thought an egg was gone when it wasn't. It also is a bit tough because say you buy 1 dozen eggs to start. That leaves 2 spaces. My roommate then eats 9 of those eggs and my Egg Minder tells me "Hey, you've only got 3 eggs left" so I pick up another dozen. I come home and can only put 11 of those eggs in the egg minder. So one still resides in the carton. If A week later, I eat another couple eggs, which means I can move my lone egg to the Egg Minder. However, now that egg is 1 week older than the Egg Minder believes, so when it tells me it is old, it is actually a week older than old!

This isn't actually a huge deal because if you go for in the middle with your egg expiration, you still have that wiggle room either way and you will obviously be able to tell quickly that that egg is bad.

Fallen from its original price tag, you can now find the Quirky Egg Minder for around 13 dollars.


  • Looks good
  • Customized alert times
  • Always know how many eggs are left
  • Tells you which eggs are oldest


  • Missed alerts
  • Mistakenly said no egg
  • Holds odd amount