There have been several entrants to the USB C hub market as of late with the popularity of not only Apple's new MacBook, but Google's Chromebook as well. Satechi has a low cost option that has similar features and a sleek design.

While it doesn't have ethernet or power pass-through, it does have 3 USB-3 ports, an SD card slot, and a mini SD card slot. This should be adequate for most who need to plug one or two things in while on the go.

Some people prefer hubs with a bit of a cord to them, but I really like the integrated look of the Satechi to blend in with the new anodized colors on the new MacBook.


  • Matching anodized colors
  • Slim
  • No cord
  • SD card slots


  • Disconnections
  • Lightweight
  • No passthrough charging
  • No ethernet