This is an independent review. NOT a paid endorsement

For most of the Apple Watch owners out there you have a few different options when thinking about Apple Watch stands/cases. You either forgo one altogether sticking with the puck itself and toting it around when you ago. You purchase a stand which means removing the cord every time you need it elsewhere. Or you buy a second charging cable. The Sena case is one of the few that aims to fix all of these issues with one product.

What looks like a round watch box, the Sena Apple Watch case is made of genuine leather on the outside, and standard jewelry box material on the inside. It allows you to elegantly display your Apple Watch by your bedside or at your desk, then easily wind the cord and take it on the go.

Because it allows you to store the cord, it makes it very easy to use this day to day by your bedside, as well as to throw in a to-go bag for the weekend. No longer do you need to decide between buying a second cord and removing it from your other dock.

It also has the ability to be closed up to store your watch. So if you ever need to throw it in a bag, it will be protected. This isn't super useful for me seeing as I generally opt to wear my watch but it is nice to have that option if I need something more business appropriate.


  • Genuine leather
  • Two heights
  • Display & travel modes
  • Cord management


  • Strap size
  • Internal material
  • No built in charger