tile has introduced the new tile Mate. It's smallest tracker yet. It is 25% smaller than the original tile, and includes a smaller attachment hole making it easier to carry on a keychain.

This is an independent review. NOT a paid endorsement

Very recently tile introduced the tile Slim. The tile Mate is meant to go right alongside. The slim, being perfect for things like the back of a laptop or a wallet. Tile Mate, being perfect for keys, headphones, or a purse.

This is supposed to kind of build you into one ecosystem. Where you use tiles for everything. They even are built into batteries, and soon cars! Of all the bluetooth trackers I've tried, the tile is definitely one of my favorites. It has impressive range (tile saying up to 100 feet, though in testing I found it to be a little less), and a very nicely designed app that is simple and works well.

However, there are some issues I have. First, tile doesn't have the ability to alert you when you leave items behind. This is such a basic feature I honestly thought that this feature was there, and even mentioned it in the video review! If tile can add this feature, hopefully in a software update, it will take the top of the list for me in best trackers.

It also doesn't have much resistance to water. Essentially it can withstand getting splashed, but not much more. I don't really PLAN on getting my tile or whatever is attached wet, but if I say.. drop my keys outside in the rain, its going to kill my tile and I won't necessarily be able to find them easily. Especially when tile has a non-replaceable battery. If they are completely sealing this thing in, they need to be able to make it more resistant to liquids.

Overall the tile Mate is a solid addition to the tile lineup. Let us know in the comments what you think of the new smallest member of the tile family. If you'd like both the tile Mate, and the tile Slim, they even created a multi pack that contains both, that you can find at the link below.


  • Smallest tile yet
  • Community finding feature
  • Louder than original
  • Works very reliably
  • Can choose multiple ring tones
  • Use tile to find your phone, even when silenced


  • One color
  • Not water resistant
  • No GPS option
  • Still isn't the smallest Bluetooth tracker