Apple released the first beta for TvOS 9.2, and with it comes support for bluetooth keyboards, as well as folders, a new app switcher, and improvements to Siri. The on screen keyboard has not received the best reviews so now that it is possible to use your own, here are our recommendations to upgrade.

Logitech K480 - $36

The K480 from Logitech supports multiple devices. Now you can use use the same keyboard with your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. It has a dial that allows you to easily switch devices, and a groove along the top to dock your iPhone or iPad.

It is also one of the cheaper options available, coming in at roughly $36 on Amazon

Anker Ultra Slim Keyboard - $15.99

If you are looking for cheap option, Anker is known for fantastic quality at reasonable prices. Backed by a 18 month warranty, this keyboard will last 3 months on a single charge and is nice and tiny to store in an end table. You can find it for less than $16 on Amazon.

Logitech K810 - $80

Also from Logitech, the K810 is perfect for the living room because it also boasts a backlit keyboard. This is great for a dimly lit movie night. It supports 3 devices like its cheaper brethren but has a more premium feel with an aluminum body. This is definitely the keyboard we recommend and use it daily between multiple devices. It comes in black and silver on Amazon starting at $80.

AGS Laser Projection Keyboard - $46

If you just want a keyboard that looks cool, that will also work with the Apple TV, the AGS laser projection keyboard should fit the bill. It fits in the middle of the road price wise for around $45 on Amazon