I have no evidence whether or not that claim is true. I can saw, however, that the USB-C Microadapter by Nonda is a very small, premium product. It has an anodized aluminum finish (to match all 3 shades of the new MacBook), and USB 3.1 Gen 1 speeds to go with it.

There has been no end to the stream of USB-C hubs or adapters to piggyback on the clout of the new MacBook and Ive tried several! The Nonda is one of the first I've found to accurately match the finish of the MacBook. This is nice for MacBook owners! Less so for Chromebook users also looking to pick one up.

My only main issue, is while I love how tiny the adapter is, I am terrified to lose it. The use case I would prefer is to affix one to each of my cords/drives and let it be. Never to remove it! Unfortunately that isn't something I can do! Because at 15 dollars a pop, it wouldn't be economical to buy one, and instead, I resort to constantly shuffling it around.

The other option would be not to use an adapter at all, but instead to use a hub similar to the Satechi USB-C hub and then utilize all the existing USB2/3 cords already in possession.


  • Very small
  • Matching anodization
  • Solid


  • Ideally, would be one per device
  • Can only attach one device at a time
  • Size