This smart LED desklamp from Xiaomi is everything I could need in a desk lamp.

This is an independent review. NOT a paid endorsement

The appearance of the Xiaomi lamp is stunning. It has a thin, modern profile in a clean stark white color. The base is round, with a small round knob. The knob can be rotated to adjust brightness, or depressed to turn it on and off.

The top of the lamp rotates down when not in use, and up when you're ready to turn it on.

The lamp is also Bluetooth connected. Using the Xiaomi app, you can schedule the light, change the brightness, or the temperature of the light. They have several presets already loaded for things like reading, or working on a computer. This will hopefully decrease the stress on your eyes over long periods of time.

The attention to detail is unquestionable. It approaches Apple in its time spent on the little touches. For instance, there isn't a large black wall charger they bought off the shelf. They have a custom, small, white one made to specifically match the lamp.

You also see the attention to detail when you close the lamp. The end of the lamp folds down, and comes millimeters to the adjustment knob, without touching it. The tolerances are very tight and a lesser brand would not be able to craft such a polished product.


  • Great aesthetics
  • Bright LED
  • Physical power/brightness dial
  • Accompanying app
  • White hue changes
  • Custom power adapter
  • Affordable


  • Modern look doesn't work in older environments
  • No HomeKit support
  • Can't change hue without app