Nonda has many products we have reviewed in the past, and this is one of their latest. The ZUS smart charger and location tracker. While it is a novel idea, there are a few things it gets right, as well as a few it gets wrong.

The charger itself has a lot going for it. It has dual chargers to charge two devices at once, at fast speeds. It intelligently detects your device and outputs the maximum power it can safely deliver.

It has simple guide lights that help you spot the charging ports when your car's cabin is dim. It is built to withstand extreme colds, as well as extreme heat, up to 100º C.

Then there is the BLE location tracker. Ideally this should tell you where your car is parked. When you shut your car down, the app stores the last known location, so when you are trekking back to your car after a day at the mall, you can follow an arrow like a compass to where you parked.

Unfortunately for me, this didn't always save the location. Notably twice when I actually wanted to try to use it. When it did save the location (which to be fair was more often than not), it worked will until you got particularly close. At close range it can no longer be accurate and will instead let you know you are very close. This isn't necessary a problem with the ZUS, but with GPS/Bluetooth trackers in general .

If you can pick up the ZUS on sale, I would very much recommend it. Even if you don't use it for the bluetooth tracking, which is admittedly useful in large parking lots, it is still a high end, fast charging adapter that will serve you well in many temperatures.


  • Fast charging speed
  • Direction of car
  • Dual charging ports
  • Guide lights
  • Cooling system


  • Accuracy when close isn't great
  • Guide lights could be a little brighter